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There is also a brutality conducted daily on ordinary target toys users of this platform. It is quite invisible but follows the currents of time and attention generated by everyone using the platform that day or point in time. We, the users , create the currents of time and attention swirling around on all the social media platforms. But since they are a collective creation , no one individual controls them. That's what makes it fun –learning how to galvanize, shock, and stir up attention , and then send it this way or that .

Left unchecked and unchanged, our modern systems of consciousness are growing more and more lopsided. They are turning in on themselves and will soon devour themselves. Just like Beth Harmon, the star in the Netflix Original story a sonic plush bout a young orphan girl who is a chess prodigy, we ( the humans of Earth ) are inflicting the consequences of our individual and collective unconsciousness on ourselves and on each other through thoughtless, careless, cruel actions.

What did the observer know a lego batmobile nd when did he know it? What did the observer report, and when did he report it? Did the observer know and report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Was anything left out or distorted? Was any o f it paraphrased, glossed over, or taken out of context? To my mind, this cuts to the issue of Bearing Accurate Witness (and the consequences of redacting information that one would rather not have brought to light).

"Members of the Myanmar military were the prime operatives be lego globe hind a systematic campaign on Facebook that stretched back half a decade and that targeted the country's mostly Muslim Rohingya minority group, the people said. The military exploited Facebook's wide reach in Myanmar, where it is so broadly used that many of the country's 18 million internet users confuse the Silicon Valley social media platform with the internet. Human rights groups blame the anti-Rohingya propaganda for inciting murders , rapes and the largest forced human migration in recent history."

Ignoring someone for some socially perceived fault was encoded into law by Hammurabi who was the sixth king of the First Babylonian dynasty of the Amorite tribe, reigning from c. 1792 BC to c. 1750 BC. The Hammurabi code of laws , a collection of 282 rules, established standards for commercial interactions and set fines and punishments to meet the requirements of justice. The laws varied according to social class and gender , and it took a brutal approach to justice. A lego brickheadz nd these codes did not die out with the conquering of Babylon.

I write about all this in my story titled Sapience : The Moment is Now . It is a story that required me to descend to great depths inside myself. It was so dark down there, I got lost. But the descent allowed me to resurrect some of the deepest, most forgotten parts of myself. And strangely, it is these parts that have helped me survive a terrible year –a year of sudden reversals and suffering around the world. Nothin Bild g more needs to be said except 2020 .

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